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    Alcoholism and Drug Addiction

    I have success with working with those that suffer from alcoholism and substance use disorders. During my education, I specialized in the study of co-occurring disorders which includes those that have the diagnosis of addiction and mood disorders. I am here to support the alcoholic and drug addict and the family system that addiction impacts. I explore and expose fixed ideas that impair peaceful and balanced living as a result of addiction. If you or a family member are struggling with alcoholism or drug addiction, and would like to start individual, couple or family therapy click on my ‘services’ page for an urgent response.

    As a recovery coach, I offer Case Management services for those that need adjunctive support while in sober living and intensive outpatient programs. Case Management services include daily structuring, career support, and life skills management. I work very closely with the recovering alcoholic/addict and the family for integrative results. If you have a gap in your recovery process or you feel stuck recreating your life and would like recovery coaching, then please click on my ‘services’ page for Case Management Services.