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    Group Therapy

    Healing Childhood Wounds Group Therapy (for Women)

    Once you can identify the wounds you’ve experienced in your childhood, you can begin to heal them, change behavior and patterns that are keeping you from creating the life and relationships you want and deserve, and move from over-obsessing, self-criticism, shame, and blame to thriving and living a life that is full of joy, peace and meaning.

    Healing Childhood Wounds Group Therapy Program is perfect for you if you are : 

    • Struggling with not feeling good enough in your personal life, relationships, business or career
    • Feeling stuck in your career because you think it’s what you should be doing
    • Repeating unhealthy patterns and behaviors in relationships
    • Knowing that something feels off but unable to pinpoint where or how your life got to where it is now
    • Wanting to be in a environment where you feel safe to explore the depths of your childhood experiences
    • Desiring to better understand your inner workings and how to shift your life to benefit you in a healthy and positive way