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  • Do These Wings Make Me Look Fat?

    An Unapologetic Approach to Spirituality and Positive Mental Health

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    Have you found yourself in a cycle of living that lacks fulfillment and clarity? If so, this book offers answers to the nagging questions about existence and self-worth.

    Do These Wings Make Me Look Fat? is a letter to the person that has minimized their light because they did not know their true value and found refuge in things like achievement, relationships, and alcohol. You are not alone. There are many people chasing their tails and looking outside of themselves for meaning and identity.

    These pages present to you the answers that have always been right under your nose.

    How did you get to this planet in the first place? Did you create yourself?

    There is a great probability that you belong to something greater than your parents. This book intends to set you free from anxiety and depression by giving you a healthy core identity based on the Creation-a soul identity.

    This book takes you back to the beginning to remind you that you belong here on this planet. You belong to God.