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    Concerned that therapy will not yield real results?

    Before becoming a therapist, I NEVER had therapy that felt like it worked. I told my story in between head nods and I walked away feeling the same. As a result, I am very committed to a transformative private practice. I recognize that every person is unique requiring a compatible approach.

    If you have not yet gotten the type of results that heal and change the way you feel about yourself or life itself, then look no further.

    My solutions-based approach to therapy helps to shine light onto the dark pathways that lead out of the miserable mazes of anxiety and depression.

    I am here as a warm and compassionate partner to walk alongside you through some of life’s most difficult challenges. I offer a safe, non-judgmental space to explore, process, and cope with past pain, present fears, and future uncertainties.

    Research shows that talk therapy can change the brain, and together I can teach you to change your narrative and rewrite the story of your life.

    Do you want to overcome your fears and insecurities?

    You can. I know life can be scary and confusing. Afterall, there was no rule book. You are in life to live it. Make mistakes and learn from them. Then practice what you learn day to day. And even though it may be difficult to stop worrying about the future, you can.

    I am passionate about joining with you on life’s journey to teach how to imagine a future in which you WIN.

    Are you interested in a future in which you win?

    If so, you will be happy to know that I teach my clients how to grow into a healthy identity and how to move forward with confidence in life’s constant changes. The work that we will do will help you understand what is going on inside of you. Inner burdens are like heavy stones that you carry every day. When the load gets overwhelming, life becomes unbearable and you spend your days avoiding risk, failure, and pain rather than loving, creating, and growing. Therapy helps remove the weight and gives you the freedom to be yourself.

    Healing is an act of courage and strength. It is a choice to unpack and decide that mere survival is not enough. Life is precious resource and you deserve to thrive.

    Do you want to experience your relationships differently?

    There is nothing more difficult than to look in the eyes of the person you love more than anything and not have the ability to feel close to them. Relationships stretch you to the limit. They do not have to break you though. Starting couples therapy can revolutionize the way you think about relationships and your responsibility in them. In couples counseling, I will teach you how to manage conflict, establish agreements, improve communication, and get back to the beginning. You deserve mutual respect and love in partnerships. Don’t you?

    If you are ready to make the choice to heal and transform your life, then today is your day. Click on ‘services’ to schedule a consultation.