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  • The only requirement is you Live. Learn. Practice.

    Week 1: Learn Who You Really are Not who You Think You are

    Week 2: Develop Personal Value or Die in Oppression

    Week 3: Cherry Picking Love over Fear

    Week 4: Healthy Relationship or Restraining Orders?

    Week 5: Building Self-Esteem from Ground Zero

    Week 6: Be the Culture: Love

    Enroll in Love School and invest in your soul’s identity!

    Love School is a coaching and training program that:

    • Promotes Self-Recovery
    • Develops Self-Love Practices
    • Neutralizes the Loveless Culture
    • Expands Positive Mental Health
    • Elevates Oneness in God Consciousness

    You will join a group of your peers on a road of discovery and recovery.

    Make the investment.

    Or, make a budget for what it will cost you to remain the same?

    Start Love School

    Start Date April 4, 2024!

    Love School is not just for those who need it, but it is for those that want it!

    Do you want to finally heal from your childhood?

    Do you want healthier relationships?

    If so, I’m going to personally teach you how to get to love faster and easier.

    In 6 weeks, you will improve how you feel about yourself.

    The only requirement is you Live. Learn. Practice.

    Enroll in Love School for only $499.

    The first semester starts soon.

    Every Thursday for 6 weeks.

    6pm PST/9m EST